I finished High School in Minnesota and started college there at the University of Minnesota. I did a year- abroad in Egypt and finished my college career with an engineering degree from SJSU. Afterwards, I took a great position as a semiconductor engineer at Texas Instruments here in the Bay Area; I didn’t like being an engineer and in retrospect it never fit my personality well. As an engineer, I met some fantastic mentors and great people, but I decided to change and started studying for the dental school entrance exam.

I got married and started Dental school at NYU with a US Army Scholarship in 1998. My wife and I really enjoyed living in New York and I graduated in 2002.

During Dental School my love of Pediatrics had not been established yet, so I began my Army service as a general dentist in the summer of 2002 and was assigned to a dental unit in Germany. My Son was born in Germany shortly after we arrived and 3 months later I was on a military plane in 2003 as part of the first dental unit to enter Iraq.

My time in Iraq was a mixed blessing. The positive was that I had the opportunity to treat US Army personnel: soldiers and civilian contractors. I was also part of the Army Civilian Affairs program in which we treated Iraqi men women and children. Ironically, in the middle of a war, I became interested in treating children only.

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After leaving the Army in 2005, I began my Pediatric Dentistry residency at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, NY. My daughter was born during residency which I completed in 2007. My family and I moved to California to start our life.

In 2008 I started the Sunnyvale office with the goal that I wanted a dental office where I would feel comfortable taking my children. In 2010 I started the Morgan Hill Office because we had so many good friends and patients from the South County area. In August of 2014, we opened the office in Santa Clara, which allows us to accommodate more patients. Since then the offices have been run based on my vision, mission and core values with the goal of having the best Pediatric Dental office in the Bay Area.

Story of how Dr. Radwan discovered his passion for working with children on the battlefield in Iraq.

We hope you find we’ve lived up to that lofty ambition.

Dr. Radwan is a proud member of:

  • ABPD — American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

  • CDA — California Dental Association

  • ADA — American Dental Association

  • Santa Clara County Dental Society