February is a time of celebration and education as we join with families across the nation to observe National Children's Dental Health Month.

If you notice your kids’ teeth are turning yellow, what should you do? Some yellowing is normal, especially for children.

We explore questions about dental care for your baby and how you can keep their mouth clean before their first tooth erupts.

We provide some valuable tips and strategies to make dental visits a fun and exciting experience for your child.

It is the perfect time to reinforce healthy habits for your child, including dental care. We look at some healthy tips and practices for your kid’s teeth to welcome the new year.

Startled by the sight of your child sporting two rows of teeth? It’s possible your child has ectopic teeth, also known as “shark teeth.”

It’s crucial to stay vigilant about maintaining good dental health during the holidays, especially for your kids. Here's what you can do.

Cavities are common — and can happen despite our best efforts. We look at steps toward improving your child’s oral and dental health.

Cavity prevention lies in teaching children the right way to brush and floss their teeth, coupled with reinforcing good oral hygiene habits.