Dental anxiety is common. We explore children's dental anxiety and how to help your child feel more at ease before, during, and after a dentist visit.

Parents often assume caring for baby teeth isn’t important as they eventually fall out. That is not true We look at how to help brush your toddler's teeth.

The holidays are here. Of course, along with time spent with family and friends, that also means delicious treats! It is important to be aware of what all the extra sweets do to your kid’s teeth.

Often parents are unaware of the importance of taking care of baby teeth, not realizing that they should care for them in the same manner that they would care for their child’s permanent teeth. So, what do you need to know about baby teeth?

Dental emergencies for children can quickly bring parents to a panic. While taking the child to the dentist is usually the first idea that comes to mind, the interval between the injury and the dentist is a crucial time, especially for kids’ teeth. Here’s what you should know as a parent.

You might be wondering if your child new being a teenager warrants making the switch to an adult dentist from the pediatric dentist they’ve grown used to seeing. Let's look at the information.

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One of the best ways to keep your kid’s teeth healthy is to limit their teeth’s exposure to sugar. However, this doesn’t mean that kids can’t eat sweet food or drink sweet beverages.