An overview of ways to build habits into your child’s daily routine to create good dental habits that last a lifetime.

Selecting the right kids' dentist can overwhelm a parent. We look at finding a skilled pediatric dentist who also makes your child at ease.

Let's satisfy your curiosity for strange facts and give you the low-down on some fun but widely unknown facts surrounding pediatric dentistry.

Having children with a good appetite is great, however, parents and guardians should be aware of the link between sugar, food, and cavities.

Prolonged thumb sucking can lead to dental problems, speech issues, and social challenges if not addressed. We explore some gentle strategies for breaking the habit.

Worldwide, tooth stories vary wildly, weaving beliefs, traditions, and practices that go far beyond our routine of brush, floss, and rinse.

The Tooth Fairy is an essential part of childhood. We explore its origin and the invaluable role it plays in good dental habits in children.

We review some tips to help you prepare your child for a dental visit when your child has anxiety or special needs.

One of the most common questions first-time parents or caregivers ask about their child and dental care includes the question of when and how often they should see a pediatric dentist for their child. Let's explore the answer.