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Sunnyvale Pediatric Dentist

We understand that looking for a pediatric dentist in Sunnyvale isn’t easy. You have so many factors to consider, including the services offered and the experience of the dental staff. Perhaps more importantly, you need a dentist who can approach pediatric dentistry in a way that gains the trust and cooperation of your child. Many dentists have the qualifications to treat kids but lack an understanding of their psychology. As a result, your child’s dentist may produce fear that remains with him or her for years. 


Bay Area Kids Sunnyvale is Dr. Radwan’s, our founder, first office. As a pediatric dentist (children’s dentist), he opened it in 2008 with only 2 staff members at that time. Today, we now have more doctors working in the Sunnyvale office. It has 6 open-bay chairs and 3 private rooms. All chairs are equipped with in-ceiling Apple TVs where children can choose their own personal movies from our library of over 100 personal kids’ movies. We encourage all parents to treat the appointment as an adventure so kids will look forward to seeing us.

Bay Area Kids Dentist, Sunnyvale

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What to expect at Sunnyvale Bay Area Kids Dentist

At Bay Area Kids Dentist in Sunnyvale, California, we understand that children are not small adults. We expect them to display age-appropriate behavior, such as asking a lot of questions and feeling fearful about a process they don’t understand yet. You will notice the difference in our approach from the minute you walk in the door. Our waiting area is filled with child-friendly activities to keep them occupied until it’s time for the appointment to begin. When we’re ready to take your child to the exam room, a member of our staff welcomes him or her with a warm smile. It is also equipped with in-ceiling Apple TVs where the children can choose their own movie from a library of over 100 kids’ movies.

Gaining Our Patients’ Trust One Child at a Time

After an enthusiastic greeting in the waiting room, we allow your child to take the lead for the remainder of the appointment. Our dentists and their assistants know how to draw out shy children, calm anxious kids, and deal with every personality type in between. Prior to the examination, our staff explains exactly what they are about to do using language kids can understand. We do this in a friendly manner and never use a condescending tone with our pediatric patients.


Your child’s Sunnyvale pediatric dentist knows that attitudes towards oral hygiene begin early in life. Kids who are frightened at the dentist due to not understanding the procedures or having a dentist who speaks harshly to them learn to dread even routine check-ups. We believe that patience and kindness go a long way and that earning trust is essential in gaining cooperation.

We Hold Ourselves to the Highest Standards

Every Sunnyvale pediatric dentist at Bay Area Kids Dentist is Board Certified with a specialization in pediatric dentistry. We offer numerous services to help your kids develop and enjoy good oral hygiene throughout their life. You are welcome to contact our office to inquire about individual services, financial matters, or any other concerns you may have before scheduling your child’s first appointment with us. Our entire staff, from the dentists to the receptionists, is firmly committed to clear and respectful communication to avoid misunderstandings. We look forward to meeting your child soon and working with your family for years to come. Thank you for choosing Bay Area Kids Dentist in Sunnyvale.

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