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Children’s Dentistry

Infants, toddlers, and children are not immune to the problems of oral health. In 2000, a study from the U.S. Public Health Service entitled “Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General” found that caries — also known as cavities or tooth decay — are the most common childhood ailment. The study shows that children are five times more likely to develop dental caries than asthma. In addition, getting cavities is seven times more likely than getting hay fever. 

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found that 51 percent of children ages 6 to 11 have cavities in their primary teeth. It’s imperative for parents and guardians to focus on their children’s dental health as early as possible. 

To ensure that your kids grow up to have healthy gums and teeth, bring them to a reputable pediatric dentist who can examine and properly maintain your children’s oral health.

What Is Children’s Dentistry?

Children’s Dentistry is a specific type of dental practice that specializes in evaluating and treating the oral health of children from their infancy stage to their teen years. Dental professionals handling this type of service are known as pediatric dentists and they have the qualifications and the experience to care for your child’s teeth, gums, and overall mouth health throughout the many stages of their childhood.

From their infancy to teen years, children are still in their development stages. This means that their teeth will grow and change throughout the years. During their first six months, they will start to develop their baby teeth. By the age of six or seven, they will start to lose some of their teeth, which eventually will be replaced by their permanent teeth. These will continue to develop until their teenage years.

Without regular care and proper oral hygiene, your children can face potential oral decay and other diseases that may lead to a lifetime of pain, discomfort, and complications. For this reason, pediatric dentistry services for your children is essential.

Preventive Dental Care with Children’s Dentistry

Achieving healthy oral hygiene starts with proper habits. Even at home, it’s important to teach your kids the steps they need to take to keep their teeth, gums, and mouth in the best condition possible. With the help of children’s dentistry, you can introduce the essential tasks your kids need to integrate into their dental routines.

Teeth Brushing

Helping your kids brush their teeth is the most important habit you can instill in them. The easiest way to do this, is to make teeth brushing an activity that your kids can look forward to. YTurn it into a game or have a reward system for doing a good job. These little forms of encouragement can add a positive spin to an otherwise boring and mundane task. Before you know it, your children will master this healthy routine of brushing their teeth regularly.

Of course, during the initial stages, your children might not know what the proper techniques are. As parents, you can help them understand the importance of brushing their teeth, teach them the right methods, and guide them throughout their journey.


Aside from helping them brush their teeth, you can also instruct your children on the importance of flossing. Often, flossing is overlooked, especially at such an early age That said,Fflossing can help remove food particles and germs that may have been stuck between their teeth. Reminding your child knows why this task is crucial and teaching them to floss at least once a day.can promote healthier gums.

Following a Healthy Diet

More than building a healthy dental routine, you also need to ensure that your kids follow a healthy diet. Stay away from sugary treats like candies and desserts as these foods can contribute to caries or cavities. Likewise, avoid feeding them unhealthy, processed foods that may lack the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary to enhance dental health. Incorporate leafy greens and ingredients high in vitamin C into your diet. These can help improve your child’s overall oral health.

Getting Children’s Dentistry Services

Besides these home activities, you can further prevent oral problems through children’s dentistry services. These include the list below:

Fluoride Treatments
Your children’s teeth lose a small portion of their enamel coating daily. By getting fluoride treatments, you can strengthen their teeth enamel and reverse any early damage to their dental health.

While fluoride toothpaste can minimize certain problems, it’s not enough to ward off potential childhood tooth decay. They need fluoride treatments to prevent cavities and keep their permanent teeth safe once they develop.


Another way to prevent cavities from forming is to let your pediatric dentist apply sealants on your children’s teeth, especially in the hard-to-reach areas of their mouths.

Sealants are made of thin coatings of plastic that can provide a barrier between the food your kids eat and their teeth. In doing so, they can protect their molars from bacteria build-up and cavity development for many years to come. What’s great about this treatment is that it’s fast and pain-free. Applying sealants will not cause any discomfort for your child or affect their lifestyle in any way. It’s best that you start introducing this treatment by age six.

Regular Examinations and Cleanings

Since your children have only a few teeth that may or may not be permanent, you might think that they don’t need regular cleanings and examinations. The opposite is true.

Getting regular cleanings and examinations is one of the most crucial preventive steps you need to take to guarantee the best oral condition for your kids. As a rule of thumb, the American Dental Association suggests dental cleanings every six months.

Recommending Dental Treatment for Kids

Should you or your kids encounter severe dental issues related to cavities or otherwise, seek professional care from children’s dentistry clinics immediately. Pediatric dentists in the Bay Area can provide comprehensive oral health care that can treat any type of problem.

Some of the treatments a pediatric dentist can recommend and deliver include the following:

  • Risk assessments for caries and cavities
  • Habit counseling, especially regarding thumb sucking and pacifier use
  • Early examination and treatment procedures for teeth straightening and bite correcting
  • Repair of tooth defects or cavities
  • Oral condition diagnosis associated with diabetes, asthma, congenital heart defect, and ADHD
  • Gum disease management, including short frenulum (the connective tissue that supports the position of the tongue), ulcers, pediatric periodontal disease, and mucoceles (small cysts on the soft tissue inside the mouth)
  • Dental injury care, especially for knocked-out, fractured, or displaced teeth
  • Emergency procedures

Every child’s teeth develop differently. Some may see initial problems at a young age while others notice them at many later stages. Regardless of the situation, pediatric dentists offer a wide range of treatments that can help correct various dental issues and ensure that every child receives the best care possible.

How To Find a Children’s Dentistry Clinic in the Bay Area

If you don’t have a pediatric dentist in mind, locating reliable and reputable clinics in the bay area can be overwhelming, to say the least. To help you out, here are some useful tips you can try to narrow your search.

Get Recommendations

First and foremost, you can get recommendations from relatives, friends, or peers that have children. Usually, they already have a dentist in mind that they can vouch for, which is a good steppingstone for your search.

Know the Qualifications of a Potential Pediatric Dentist

While getting recommendations can point you in the right direction, they’re not enough to base your decision on. You also need to do your part and research what each clinic can offer. As part of your research, try to look for the pediatric dentist’s qualifications and their previous client’s reviews. These can help you gauge whether they’re the right fit for you and your children.

Consider Convenience and Location

Finally, consider the location. Convenience is vital when it comes to taking care of your child’s dental needs. The last thing you want is to deal with the stress of traffic on a busy day when you need to rush your children to their appointment. For this reason, short drives to clinics within the area can reduce the anxiety you and your kids may have during a much-needed dentist’s visit.

If you live in the Bay Area and are looking for the best clinic for your kids, check out Bay Area Kids Dentist. We have four clinics located in various sections of the Bay Area. We have locations in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill, and Fremont. Wherever you are, you can easily visit our offices with ease.

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We at the Bay Area Kids Dentist are committed to delivering only the highest quality pediatric dental care for your kids. All our dentists are board-certified and experienced in the field, so you can rest assured that your little ones will be in good hands.

If you want to schedule your children for a cleaning, sealant application, consultation, or examination, you can visit any one of our dental clinics or schedule an appointment with us. We can’t wait to help your kids get a head start on their journey to healthy oral health.