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Santa Clara Pediatric Dentist

When you bring your child to a Santa Clara pediatric dentist, your own attitude sets the expectation for your child. If you act happy about having a dentist clean your child’s teeth, he or she will pick up on that and feel the same way. Similarly, having an apprehensive or annoyed attitude will also rub off on your child. Bay Area Kids Dentist Santa Clara is our largest office which opened in 2014. 


It has 4 open-bay chairs and a private room with 3 treatment chairs.  It is also equipped with a surgical room and recovery area for our General Anesthesia patients.  It is open Monday –Saturday and Dr. Radwan and Dr. Metwally both practice there. All chairs are equipped with in-ceiling Apple TVs where children can choose their own personal movies from our library of over 100 personal kids’ movies. At Bay Area Kids Dentist in Santa Clara, California, we encourage all parents to treat the appointment as an adventure so kids will look forward to seeing us.

Bay Area Kids Dentist Santa Clara

Bay Area Kids Dentist
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What to expect at Santa Clara Bay Area Kids Dentist

Your child’s dentist in Santa Clara understands that many children feel upset at being separated from their parents, especially when they have no idea what to expect. You are welcome to join your child in the exam room and have him or her sit on your lap. Children who feel ready to sit in the kid-sized exam chair are encouraged to do that as well. Before the cleaning begins, our Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) explains to your child what is going to happen next. If your child is pre-verbal, our RDA will use gestures that are familiar to young children.

Once we feel confident that your child knows what to expect, we start the cleaning with a soft rotating cup or toothbrush. We look for opportunities to praise your child for cooperating throughout the entire exam. Our dentists and RDA’s believe that commenting on what a patient is doing right makes them feel more positive about the experience than correcting undesirable behavior. We know that our youngest patients don’t have the verbal or cognitive skills to express themselves and must do so in other ways. Having empathy for our patients teaches them that they can trust their pediatric dentist in Santa Clara and the rest of the staff.

Bay Area Kids Dentist Santa Clara Dentists are Board Certified Pediatric Dentists

Immediately after your child’s first dental exam and cleaning is complete, his or her dentist will review the results of the exam with you. We’ll point out any areas of concern as well as answer all of your questions. Our staff will also go over proper tooth brushing techniques for pediatric patients. Depending on your child’s age and physical abilities, we may provide the instruction to you instead. We then allow your child to choose a small toy as a reward for displaying patience and cooperating with our staff.

Applicants must pass the written and oral portions of the exam in order to earn their designation as an American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Diplomate. This designation provides parents with the assurance that their child’s dentist has successfully met rigorous industry standards.

Our Santa Clara Pediatric Dentists Are Trained to Work With Different Needs

Each of our three dentists is Board Certified and specializes in pediatric dentistry. They have combined their education, skills, and expertise with a love for serving children. At Bay Area Kids Dentist in Santa Clara, we expect children to act like children. It’s our job as providers and adults to tailor our services to them and not expect them to act as adults would. Our pedodontists at Santa Clara pediatric dental centre are trained to work with kids of various needs including special and developmental. Please contact us today for a consultation or to schedule your child’s first dental appointment.

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