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I Forgot My Toothbrush and Other Travel Tips

It happens. You unpack your luggage after arriving at the hotel and realize that you missed one important item​​: your toothbrush. Quickly now, how do you solve this problem? Going to bed with unbrushed teeth is NOT an option — especially if you have kids with you. Dental care is a habit you want to instill, which means never skipping a day.


So, how do you solve this forgotten toothbrush problem? Here are some quick fixes to explore:  


Ask the Hotel

Hotels occasionally provide toothbrushes as a courtesy, but they might only give one or two to the adults. They may miss out on the kids, so you’ll have to ask them for a few extra brushes for the night. This should tide them over until you buy child-specific toothbrushes for their little teeth. 

Use a Paper Towel

A paper towel will be abrasive enough to remove dirt without causing damage to the enamel. Just wrap it around your finger and put some toothpaste on top before carefully brushing your mouth. You won’t get full coverage compared to an actual toothbrush but it should get you through the night. Don’t forget to brush your tongue and the side cheeks for a thorough clean. Rinse well afterward.  

Use a Cloth

A clean cloth is also effective in cleaning your teeth. Use the same technique advised with the paper towel, making sure to brush all around including the tongue. Start with just a small amount of toothpaste and then quickly add to it, depending on the degree of cleanliness you want for your mouth. Assist the kids during this process since they might have a hard time reaching in their mouths.


Use Your Finger 

If all else fails, use your finger to do the cleaning. Just make sure you wash it thoroughly first before using it like a toothbrush. A damp finger is best because it helps create that abrasive texture you’d want to remove anything off the surface.


Making Your Own Toothpaste 
If toothpaste is the problem, there’s a solution for that, too! You can create a cleaning mixture by combining salt with water. The slightly abrasive texture of water can help brush the surface of the teeth for a wonderful clean.  


Travel Tips for Teeth 

It’s not enough that you brought your toothbrush with you – you need to use it! Additionally, proper travel care should be given if you want the toothbrush to clean your teeth instead of just spreading bacteria in your mouth.  

Here’s what you need to remember:  

  • Before leaving, remind everyone to bring their toothbrush. It helps if you pack your essentials together so everyone can quickly see what’s missing in their bag. The kids will love feeling like adults during this process. 
  • Make sure the toothbrush is kept in a compartment specifically for travel. These compartments should be ventilated so the brush can air dry and deter mold growth. 
  • For moms and dads packing for the rest of the family, it might be better to buy toothbrushes specifically for travel. These are light and compact brushes that can easily fit inside the bag. Most people clean their teeth before a flight and don’t think about putting the toothbrush they just used inside their travel bag. With a complete set of brushes, you can pack them the night before and everyone can still use their regular toothbrush in the morning. 
  • If you’re traveling somewhere with questionable water quality, it’s best to use drinking water to rinse. 
  • While on vacation, there’s a strong chance that the kids will have their fill of sugary food! Make sure they get tons of water during the day to help balance the effect of sugar on teeth. 


Final Words 

Making sure the whole family brushes their teeth every day is just one aspect of good oral hygiene. The fact is that without routine checkups with the dentist, you can’t really know for sure if your daily habits are contributing to good oral health. We recommend visiting the dentist at least once a year to quickly catch any forming cavities. 

Select a kid’s dentist for your growing family. A pediatric dentist will give you the best chance to set your child’s path toward excellent oral health by fostering good relationships. Board-certified professionals at Bay Area Kids Dentists can give your kids the care they need during their formative years! 

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