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Protect Young Smiles For Active Kids

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Do you have a son or daughter who plays youth sports? Soccer, baseball, football, and basketball can be very perilous for your child’s teeth. Here’s a reminder about protective mouth guards from Bay Area Kids Dentist.


Football is a rugged contact sport, yet there is a relatively low rate of tooth injuries that occur in football as compared to other contact sports. Why? Football players are obligated to wear a mouthguard and a helmet.


If your child participates in a contact sport, we recommend that you purchase an appropriately-sized mouth guard and make sure they wear it. They are available at most athletic supply stores.


Even those sports considered non-contact, like basketball, carry the risk of a mouth injury. A mouthguard should be considered basic gear for anyone playing sports, from kids to grownups.


At Bay Area Kids Dentist, we emphasize preventive dentistry to identify problems before they get serious. Parents from all over Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Morgan Hill bring their kids to us for early dental care. Call for an appointment today!