What is a Pediatric Dentist?

One of the questions that parents ask Dr. Radwan, Dr. Mullen, or Dr. Metwally is “What is a pediatric dentist?” They understand that pediatric dentists treat children, but may not know the specific services they provide or the special training they have completed. A pediatric dentist is one who works with children from the newborn stage until the late teen years. This dental specialty requires an additional three years of schooling and supervised work experience beyond dental school.

An import aspect of working with pediatric patients is understanding how children think and behave. Our dentists are empathetic about some children feeling fearful of the dentist and use words they can understand to reassure them. At Bay Area Kids Dentist, the atmosphere is fun, upbeat, and calm. Our entire staff understands that having a frightening experience at the dentist during childhood can install a fear of dentistry that lasts for a lifetime. We teach kids how to care for their teeth by using real-life examples and praise, not scolding or shame.

What to Expect from a Pediatric Dentist

One of the primary roles of a pediatric dentist is to provide education to young patients and their parents. Our dentists and hygienists instruct kids on how to brush and floss using small-scale models and kid-friendly computer programs. They explain to children why caring for the baby teeth is so important and cheer them on to do a great job at home.

Monitoring and preventive services are also an important part of pediatric dentistry. During each check-up, your child’s dentist personally examines his or her mouth, takes x-rays when needed, and carefully notes the patient chart. This allows for ongoing monitoring of any condition that may need future treatment. Your child may also receive fluoride treatments or dental sealants at the regular preventive appointment.

A pediatric dentist provides treatment if your child develops a dental disease or injures or loses a tooth prematurely. Later in childhood, his or her dentist may make an orthodontic referral if the permanent teeth have come in crooked or misaligned.

The above are just some examples of the types of services your child may receive from one our pediatric dentists. We encourage you to contact Bay Area Kids Dentist with additional questions or to schedule a check-up for your son or daughter.

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