We Love Patient Referrals!

pediatric dentist Santa Clara

At Bay Area Kids Dentist, many of our new patients come to us on the recommendation of a parent of one of our current patients.

This is, of course, very flattering. It's important to any dental practice to get new patients, but when they come to us because parents are so pleased with our care, it is very satisfying.

We strive for excellence in dentistry and have built a positive track record in the community. When parents acknowledge this by telling others about their positive experiences here, it goes a long way toward improving our standing.

What do we mean by striving for excellence? Dentistry is at the core of what we do, but excellence is more than that. A positive patient experience begins with initial contact, whether it's on the phone with one of our staff members or a visit to our website. We do our best to make scheduling appointments easy. Use our site to find one of our offices, and get useful information about services.

Of course, we work hard to create a pleasing environment. Staff members are welcoming and efficient. At every point of contact, you can expect us to meet your needs.

So when our patients recommend us to others, it means we're doing things right. At Bay Area Kids Dentist our services include pediatric dentistry, and special needs dental care. We have offices in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Morgan Hill. Please call us to schedule an appointment today!

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