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I recently took my 3 yr old for her first dental appointment. Dr Radwan and team were excellent in making her feel comfortable with the surroundings. The team is very friendly with the kids and they know exactly how to get things done. Laura was extremely good with her skills and she kept my daughter engaged all the time.I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants a good dentistry for your kids and a pleasant experience.

Shell A.


Really like them! Everyone that works there is super friendly and accommodating! The Doctor/Assistant that sees and cleans my kids teeth is great! The kids like going there and I never have a problem getting appointments.

Danielle S.


I joined Yelp just so I could review Dr. Radwan’s office…it was that great of an experience. My sons are 6 & 3 and have been seen by another non-pedi dentists before, but it was just okay. Dr. Radwan and his staff are awesome. They did a great job making my kids feel comfortable while still doing a thorough cleaning & exam. Beyond that, Crystal at the front desk was so helpful in squaring away our insurance, without my even having to ask her to get involved. When we left, our boys said, “Mom, when we have to go back to the dentist, can we please come back to this one?” Dr. Radwan will be our kids’ dentist until they’re too old to be seen by a pedi dentist, even if I have to pay out of pocket. He and his staff are wonderful.


My son loved this dentist office. His first visit was last month and he was 28 months. The environment was great, my son loves stickers, and the cool toy he was able to choose before we left. It was a fun and nice environment and was not forceful in anyway.

Syed K.


Excellent atmosphere, all the staff is great with children. After going to “scary” dentist offices for years, my daughter was very pleased with Dr. Yahya and his staff. Now she can’t wait for her next appointment. We are very thankful for this. Service is exceptional and I feel my kids are well looked after. Dr, Yahya is a knowledgeable, capable, caring and his office is up to date with the latest technology. He takes his time explaining every single detail.

Fei C.


We came to Dr. Radwan on a recommendation from a mom’s group. My youngest was not yet 3 and was afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Radwan was very professional as well as friendly with all my children and gave us confidence in his work. He clearly explained any treatment needed and gave us his opinion on less invasive options when we wanted to consider different solutions to the dental work that my son needed. We have come to trust his work and highly recommend him to anyone looking for awesome dental care and patient care for their family.

Amber H.


I originally found Dr. Radwan after going through 5, YES 5 dentists. My oldest son needed extensive dental work and I wasn’t going to settle until I found a dentist who saw eye to eye with my parenting philosophies.Dr. Radwan runs a professional office, one where you can feel relaxed and at ease with the entire experience. His no nonsense approach has helped free me from worry, and as a mother to 3 small children, I can’t thank him enough.Not only is Dr. Radwan a pleasure, but his office staff is attentive and extremely friendly! My children enjoy visiting the office and playing in the waiting room. If you need a pediatric dentist, look no further! My honest opinion ..Fantastic pediatric dentist and staff. Great with kids, and a wonderful, friendly environment! Also, they take almost all insurances!!

John S.


Great service – the staff was child-friendly and really tried to help my son (21 months) feel comfortable and settled, including by showing him each tool before sticking it in his mouth and squirting water in his and and sucking it up with a straw. Office was wonderful – very airy and clean, with lots of toys and tvs and distractions. I would not look anywhere else for a pediatric dentist.

Molitoni F.


My kid LOVES this place. They do such a good job, the staff treat us as if my kid is the President’s daughter. Want to trust your kid with someone? Take them here. Period.

Sheyam I.


My 3 kids (13 to 6 years old) have been seeing Dr. Radwan for 4 years. He’s service is nothing short of exceptional and professional. He enjoys his job and it’s evident through how the kids are thrilled to see him. I don’t know many kids who look forward to their dentist appointment. He explains things well and in simple terms. He is knowledgeable and very patient. We’ve dealt with cavities and extractions. These are a nightmare to many parents but with Dr Radwan, they were a breeze. He even made house calls on several occasions to check on the kids (post procedure). That is true dedication and a rare find.

Khalid B.


First visit for my 3.5 son and was very glad to pick Dr. Radwan. The staff was extremely courteous and friendly. My son had a very enjoyable experience and was not terrified when we mentioned that he will go back soon . The clinic was extremely clean, well equipped and decorated making the visit more friendly. The office called us a few days ahead of the visit and collected the needed information to eliminate any surprised with the insurance company. During the process, they’ve been very careful to explain at each step. They’ve worked hard to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. They have taken their time and worked very carefully. The toy was also a nice touch which my son appreciated and took his mind of anything else. Would definitely highly recommend to others.

Julie P.


Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful. Dr. Radwan and his staff are so great and patient with my kids. They make a potentially frightening experience an fun one! So many distractions- even cartoons playing in the ceiling above each chair! We love this place!

Ahmed S.


My kids love Dr. Radwan and love being there. He’s taken well care of them so far. The staff is very nice. They explain everything in details. No hidden charges. Everything is clear. I love the place.

Kat G.


Really awesome and you know how good he is after visiting a BAD pediatric dentist. Don’t take chances with your child, take them somewhere like Dr. Radwan–he and his office staff are really great. My 5 year old doesn’t dread going there and actually looks forward to it.

Jroq V.


The Staff are very nice and so as Dr. Radwan. The place is also very clean and Toys and video games to keep the kids busy.

Shirin P.


I had done a lot of searching for a good dentist for my 2 year old because I knew she would not be easy since she does not like us brushing her teeth. I found Dr. Yahya Radwan on yelp and could not be more pleased!! During her cleaning she was not cooperative at all and I was very afraid that they would give up on her and send us home but they assured me that so long as I was okay with seeing her fuss they would continue and I am glad they did because her teeth look so nice now:-)! The Dr. met with us privately later to discuss her teeth and I was very pleased by how thorough and patient he was. The office was busy but they really spent a lot of time with each patient and my daughter had no problem waiting because she loved all the toys (I agree that they appeared very clean). They taught us how to hold her down if need be to brush her teeth, showed us what the pacifier was doing to her teeth, explained the fluoride and vitamin questions I had, etc. I really could go on and on. My daughter was also very happy with her new “backpack” of goodies. I have not had to deal with billing yet but I asked before the appointment for them to check her coverage just to be sure and they did and so I hope everything in that sense goes as well as the visit!

Aida S.


I took my 2 and 4 1/2 year old children to see Dr. Radwan for the first time today. My son was completely at ease as soon as they played Toy Story on the tv monitors, my daughter on the other hand needed a bit more time. The staff talked to her and helped her feel more comfortable before starting the cleaning. Dr. Radwan was great and even gave us his cell phone number in case we ever have any emergency. Thank you Dr. Radwan and staff, we will be back in 6 months !!

Danielle C.


Dr. Radwan and his staff have been a huge blessing to our family. We have followed Dr. Radwan for several years now. Our first experience was when our 2nd child needed to have their teeth capped. The 1st time we had to do this was with another pediatric dentist and the experience was miserable. Dr. Radwan was so clear with our options and we really understood what and why we were continuing w/ that procedure. The experience was completely different.We have all three of our children going to Dr. Radwan. The offices are very well done, the staff is very friendly and great with children. The office staff has been great and so personal. We really feel like part of the family.Dr. Radwan accepts almost all insurance and treats everyone the same with respect and kindness. He will not recommend you do anything that is unnecessary or that you don’t understand. He genuinely cares for our children and is active in the community and helping families.If you are looking for a wonderful family oriented pediatric dentist who cares about your kids, then this is the place for you.

Daniel S.


Boy, if dentists were like this when I was kid I would have loved to go. Great atmosphere, friendly staff/dentist and very modern. Both my 2 & 4 year olds love going here, and brushing their teeth because of that as well. Can’t imagine a better pediatric dentist.

Lora P.


What a great, caring doctor! Bonds with the little kids and the big ones. Truly cares about teaching the kids about long-lasting dental health. I would highly recommend him.

Lety M.


My 5 year old daughter was referred by a dentist and had her cavities taken care of by Dr. Radwan, my daughter had her cavities filled and loves going to the dentist which says a lot! I thought she would be freaked out but instead she had such a great experience and felt comfortable she doesn’t mind going and actually looks forward to it. Dr. Radwan is great with kids! I love the office.

Kaylin W http://bayareakidsdentist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/5-star.jpg

We have been taking our son to Dr. Radwan in Morgan Hill office for about 2 years now. Dr. Radwan and everyone else in the office is so Great! Very kid friendly and a comfortable, fun place to visit. My son loves how he get’s to pick a small toy before he leaves.

Tina I.


Wow, I can’t believe I had not written a review for Dr. Radwan yet! I LOVE this dental office — the staff is all absolutely the best! Brand new office — super clean, and modern — even video games for the kids to play while waiting. I was referred to Dr. Radwan by a good friend who had followed him from Morgan Hill, to Sunnyvale, and back to the Morgan Hill office again. She raved about him so much, I knew this was the pediatric dentist for us. Since then, I have discovered many friends that also go to Dr. Radwan, and also love the office. It’s rare for me to rave about a dental office, nor have I ever discovered so many friends raving about the same dentist that we go to — he’s the best in town, definitely!!! (Best in Bay Area, as far as our family is concerned!

Blake W.


Our kids just had their first experience with Dr. Radwan. The doctor and his staff are super friendly and very attentive – with perfect disposition towards kids (i.e. everything you want in a pediatric-related service). Compared to their last dentist, we were very impressed with the level of professionalism. They did not seem hurried or rushed, and took time get the kids comfortable with the cleaning procedures.The office is in kind of a weird location (office park just south east of Costco on Kifer) but is tricked-out with every conceivable distraction and decoration to get the procedure off the child’s mind. The kids particularly liked the TVs running cartoons that are mounted in the ceiling. They also had some video games for older kids, etc.They are good enough that I’d go here for check-ups myself if they accepted adult patients.

Michelle H.


My 3.5 year old son and I had a fabulous experience at Dr. Radwan’s office! They asked ahead of time (on two separate occasions) what would help to make my son feel more comfortable, and then actually did what I recommended. The woman who cleaned his teeth spent time with him explaining each tool and gave him the opportunity to ask questions, touch the equipment and even smell the paste she was going to use- all before he had even laid down on the table. Like most 3 year olds, my son loves to ask questions and have all the information ahead of time, so he felt totally comfortable in this office where his questions were welcomed and answered honestly. They let me kneel beside him and hold his hand through the cleaning which went by seamlessly! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.From the moment we walked in I felt comfortable and welcomed. I’m so thankful to have found this dentist for my son and we can’t wait to go back

Beni D.


First dentist visit ever for my 3 and a half year old son! He was there for a routine check-up and knowing how squirmy and restless he is, I was very anxious about how he would do. Laura, the assistant was amazing- she was super patient and took her time to explain all the things that she was going to use on his teeth and demonstrated how they would feel on my son’s hand. She did the cleaning and seemed super calm. Dr. Radwan took over and he was very good, he has great reviews, however, its so encouraging when the reviews match the service. Gave me the information I needed, explained what was normal, what he found with my son’s teeth and gave me his 24hrs emergency cell phone number. Highly recommended….

Mary W.


We are new to this area and I went through two offices before finding Dr. Radwan. My 3 year old daughter ( and every young child) needs exactly what this office has to offer. From the clean child friendly atmosphere to the warm and compassionate staff, my daughter was so comfortable that it took all of her and my anxiety out of visiting the dentist. I trust Dr. Radwan and feel that his genuine care for the children is so important in a pediatric dentist. Not mention after our last visit my daughter had a handful of cavities filled and that night I got a phone call from the Doc to check up and see how she was doing.

Dalia N.


I was very impressed with the professionalism, friendliness and efficiency of Dr. Radwan’s office, from the staff personnel to the Dr himself. I even get texts to confirm the appointment a week in advance to help me keep track of my busy schedule which I truly appreciate.He was very courteous, knowledgeable and my kids absolutely loved him.My son is very easy going and doesn’t have any issues with seeing dentists, but unfortunately I can not say the same about my 10 year old daughter, she has a deep rooted fear of doctors in general.To my surprise the first visit went by so smoothly. There was no negotiations, crying, kicking or screaming from her part, I was shocked! She loved him so much she asked me when her next visit would be. If that is not a confirmation that he is an awesome dentist I am not sure what is.Thank you Dr. Radwan for making my life so much easier..my kids love you![

Nora N.


We are new to CA, so Yelp is a helpful tool for us to find the best services. After reading the great reviews of Dr. Radwan we decided to go ahead and give him a try. The office is kid friendly. There are games, movies being played in the waiting area. The staff showed my daughter (age 7) the tools that the dentist was going to use, one by one and explained the procedure in a way that my daughter would understand and feel relaxed. My daughter watched a movie during the check-up. Dr Radwan asked my daughter questions and put her at ease. He seemed very professional and we are happy to have found a great dentist like him. My daughter suggested herself that she should always go to Dr. Radwan’s office. My 5 year old who accompanied us was so excited that he told her to have her birthday party here:)Also upon leaving we were given information what part of the visit was going to be covered by our insurance.[/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_testimonials]

Amy R." avatar="image" image="https://1cf2hp2ck4wxamo934m1r9s1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/5-star.jpg" image_border_radius="" company="" link="" target="_self"]My 4 year old son is terrified of the dentist (he has a lot of fears) and Dr. Radwan is the only one who can get him through to him. Despite my son kicking, biting and screaming, Dr. Radwan and his staff never lose their patience and Evan always leaves with a smile on his face.I also really appreciate that Dr. Radwan is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for dental emergencies. I can’t recommend him enough.

Ivy W


Dr. Radwan is very friendly and good with kids.He recently extracted four teeth for my son and my son didn’t complain any pain/uncomfortableness.My kids love seeing Dr Radwan.

Kerri E.


My son, age 4, had been to see a regular dentist three times and would not open his mouth. The last time this happened my dentist recommend we go to a pediatric dentist and gave me Dr. Radwan’s card. I took both my son and daughter, age 2, to see him. It was a world of difference. Both children were shown all the instruments and saw how they were used on their hands first. Then they laid back and watched a movie while their teeth were cleaned. It was fabulous. My daughter is a thumb sucker and the dentist told me about a special thumb guard that would help to quit that habit, which the insurance paid for. And I was originally quoted a total of $45 per child for the visit that I would need to pay. When I went to pick up the thumb guard and checked on my balance, I was told I owed nothing. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Radwan.

Dawn S.


A few months ago Dr. Radwan provided a second opinion for my tween son. He was very prompt in responding to my email request. His price was very fair and I had piece of mind knowing that the very extensive treatment that was being recommended was consistent with what he would do. He listened well when we spoke on the phone and communicated clearly. Though my son never had a visit to the office (which is why I couldn’t give 5 stars), I’m sure there would have been an excellent experience given the recommendations I received from another mom’s sharing group. His website was also very informative. I wouldn’t hesitate to visit Dr. Radwan if I didn’t already have a local dentist.

Jill S.


My son has been a patient of Dr. Radwan’s for several years and we have had nothing but awesome experiences. When he was younger, my son had an incredibly active gag reflex which makes doing anything with his mouth a challenge, but Dr. Radwan’s staff has always been amazing with him.



How to select a dentist for your child: get really lucky. My 6-yr old needed a FEW deep cavities fixed & we felt terrible. The dentist recommended a pediatric specialist because otherwise the work would require multiple traumatic visits. Our insurance allowed us to select Dr Radwan who our friends use for their boys – they drive from Monterey to see him & his staff. If you’ve ever had to feel the agony of holding your child down at the dentist & hear the suffering that goes along with dental pain & anxiety then you know that an experienced pediatric dentist can make the world of difference. Dr Radwan will always be my son’s dentist because he & his staff are compassionate professionals with excellent communication skills. He knows how to anticipate a child’s ability to handle treatment methods & is also a parent as well. My son is not traumatized by his otherwise difficult early dental visits. We’re lucky to have found Dr Radwan.

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