Soda Spells Double Trouble

Soft drinks, soda, pop. No matter what you call it, it has been the beverage of choice for generations of kids. No one has ever confused it with healthy beverages, and in this post from Bay Area Kids Dentist, we'll give you another reason to avoid this ubiquitous drink.

For dental health, soda deals a double punch with two of its ingredients: sugar and phosphoric acid.

Sugar is bad for teeth primarily because it softens enamel and makes the teeth more prone to decay. This is especially harmful to kids because their enamel is not fully developed.

Some people think diet soda is a good alternative. Unfortunately, the acids found in diet soda have basically the same softening effect on enamel. Soda consumption can also bring about teeth staining.

Our recommendation is simple: stop drinking soda, or cut way back on your consumption, to improve dental health. Keep your little ones away from it as much as possible so their teeth can mature healthily.

Can't kick the habit? Try to drink water immediately after you have soda and brush more (but wait a half hour so the enamel isn't brushed while it is soft).

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