Should You Pull a Loose Baby Tooth?

should you pull a loose baby tooth Santa Clara

Losing baby teeth is a rite of passge for children: tangible evidence of getting older, plus a little profit if the tooth fairy pays a visit. At Bay Area Kids Dentist, we have some thoughts on losing baby teeth.

Sometimes things don't go as expected. The loose tooth won't come out, even after a week of wiggling. It hurts so much your child can't sleep.

  • If a loose tooth won't fall out on its own, scheduel an appointment with us.
  • Don't practice DIY dentistry. No strings on doorknobs, or pliers in kids' mouths!
  • If a tooth doesn't fall out on its own, it might not be loose because the permanent tooth is pushing it out.
  • A loose tooth that doesn't fall out on its own is at risk of infection.

Teeth generally fall out in the sequence they emerged. Your pediatric dentist can show you an eruption chart at your child's next check-up.

Have your pediatric dentist review your child's teeth at least twice a year, even if you don't suspect there are any problems.

At Bay Area Kids Dentist, early dental care helps to identify dental problems before they get too serious. We specialize in pediatric dentistry and emphasize preventive care. We have offices in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Morgan Hill. Call today to schedule your child's next checkup!

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