Comprehensive Oral Evaluation including Prophylaxis (routine cleaning) and Topical Fluoride Application

little girl with open mouth during drilling treatment at the denBay Area Kids Dentist provides a comprehensive oral exam and fluoride application each time your child comes in for a kid’s dental check-up. In addition to getting his or her teeth as clean as possible, this exam includes checking for cavities and other signs of tooth decay.  It also enables us to detect and treat oral health problems as soon as possible. We understand that it’s important for both you and your child to know what to expect during a dental check-up for kids. In addition to explaining that here, we always inform your child of our next actions at the bi-annual exam.

Information We Need to Get Started

As we start each check-up visit we will ask you to describe your child’s typical daily diet We know from experience that some foods cause higher risks than others do when it comes to developing tooth decay and other common oral health issues.  Another important function of a kid’s dentist is to assess habits such as thumb sucking, pacifier use, or frequently drinking sweetened fruit juice. While these are normal behaviors in young children, they may become problematic if taken to an extreme. We provide parents with information on how various habits affect the development of baby teeth as well as adult teeth.

What We Do During the Exam

Your child can choose to sit on your lap or in our specialty sized exam chair so we can complete our cleaning. This typically involves gentle back and forth motions with a children’s toothbrush containing a strong tooth polish. However, we take care to select flavors children enjoy such as bubble gum.

We also provide fluoride treatments for most children to help guard against tooth decay. Although fluoride is present in water and many types of toothpaste, it’s not quite enough to give kids the level of protection we like to see. Having adequate fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel as well. If your child’s back molars have come in, we apply a sealant for added protection from decay.

Our dental check-up for kids may include x-rays to get a complete picture of the teeth or to diagnose a dental condition. During the years before adolescence, we continually monitor the way your son or daughter’s top and bottom teeth come together. We also monitor the alignment of the permanent adult teeth once they come in to determine if your child could benefit from orthodontic work in the future. Our staff will instruct you to schedule another appointment if we detect cavities or other issues that require additional treatment.

The dentists, dental assistants, and the rest of the staff at Bay Area Kids Dentist look forward to treating your child at his or her next routine exam.



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