Preparing Your Chid for His First Dental Visit

It is always stressed how important it is that one maintains a good relationship with his dentist. It is a habit that proves very beneficial for so many reasons and when the person is young, youth is the best time for good habits to be started. Oral hygiene is the best defense that one can offer his health and in a young individual, it is important that his parents instil habits in him that he will carry with him when he grows older. Part of the important things that an individual needs to develop at a young age is to make habit of visiting the dentist regularly. Maintaining a good partnership with a dentist should guarantee good oral health and a beautiful smile. The child’s first dental visit is where everything begins. Although much can still change in the future, this first trip to the dentist will more or less determine the quality of his next appointments, therefore, it is crucial that you prepare your child well for his first dental visit.

Take Time to Educate

Patient education is a very important for you to do to prepare your child for his first dental visit. Children have the tendency to reject things that they are not familiar with, but this will all change if you take the time to tell them about the dentist, the dental clinic, the dental procedures and the importance of taking good care of your teeth. You should not underestimate your child’s ability to comprehend things. Patient education taps into your child’s capacity to understand and make smart decisions for himself.

Make His First Time a Positive One

When the child’s first dental visit requires for him to receive a painful and threatening procedure such as a dental extraction, pulp therapy or even a dental filling, you are creating a possibility for him to never return anymore when things go horribly wrong — and it sure can. Parents are always encouraged to take their children to the dentist earlier on, for a mere visit which will involve counting teeth and patient education. Sometimes it may involve dental cleaning, fluoride and sealant application — all fairly straightforward and non-threatening. These procedures are good enough to prepare the child for his next visits, where more complicated dental treatments may be indicated.

Treat the Dentist as a Friend

The biggest mistake that people make is to use the dentist as a threat. This is a sad thing, but it happens, and you probably know this too because you practice is at home. Parents have the tendency to use the dentist as a scare tactic, as a means to discipline his child. When it is difficult to get the attention of a child, parents use threats and often they use the dentist or the dentist’s injection to scare their child. This works because children do not want pain and injections are often associated with pain, but this creates a very negative image of dentists and dental clinics for the child. Even if you think it is an effective strategy, it is going to jeopardize your child’s oral health because it will surely keep him from wanting to see the dentist. The child’s first dental visit is important and if you want him to have a good experience on his first time, you will make sure to tell him that the dentist is his friend because he is. One way of ensuring this would be to take your child with you on your dental appointments. By taking him to the dental office, he sees the dentist as a familiar face and a friend that he trusts when he comes for his first dental visit.

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