How to Prepare Your Child for His Visit to the Pediatric Dental Office

It is not easy to deal with children. Even long time parents have a difficult time, and this is one important fact that dentists and parents have to deal with. Some parents are careless enough to think that as long as they are able to deliver the child to the dentist, their work is done. The success of a child’s dentist appointment is going to be rely on the perfect partnership between the dentist and the child’s parents; the first step of which shall be preparing your child for that day.

It Is Not His Most Dreaded Day

It is common for children to be afraid of dentist. They could be frightened of the dentist, the dental clinic, the dental syringe or everything about it — and while this is normal, it should not be encouraged. As a parent, it is your duty to thwart any negative notion he may have about dentists, because fears such as these are often irrational and will not help him. It will discourage him from seeking dental care and it will endanger his oral health.

Some parents are careless enough to even use the dentist as a means to threaten their child into behaving. When they are unruly and deserving of some kind of punishment, they will suggest a visit to the dentist for a tooth extraction and a dental injection. Why do you do that? If you want your child to look forward to his visits with the dentist, you should not make their dentists as monsters; rather, you should convince them that the dentist is a friend that can be trusted.

Dentists are friends and a visit to the pediatric dental office should not be one that your child wants to avoid but rather look forward to. If you yourself are afraid of dentists, something needs to be done. As the figure of authority and the example that they look-up to, you need to toughen up and stand tall. You need to show them that there is no reason to be frightened because the dentist is a person you can trust; a friend who can help.

Patient Education at Home

While patient education is primarily prepared and performed by the dentist, as a parent and the primary educator of your child, it is your duty to make sure that you child is ready to see his dentist, so you can introduce him to the importance of oral hygiene and oral health, as early as he is able to understand.

Aid yourself with books, posters, videos and other educational tools in order to successfully engage with the child, and impart to him truths that will help him appreciate what the dentist does and can do for this teeth and his perfect smile. Be a good example because education always starts at home.

If you succeed at this, you can rest assured that you and your child will enjoy the benefits. When he goes into the pediatric dental office and takes his seat on the chair, all will be well and you will be so proud of him. He will be receptive and cooperative — and a good relationship between him and his dentist will flourish.

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