Braces for Kids: Orthodontic Care Tips for Children

Orthodontics is a dental procedure that is prescribed to a patient with issues with his bite. His teeth may be crowded, it may present with some spaces, some teeth may be out of place or rotated, and the bite may be uneven or crossed. Whatever orthodontic issue your child may have and may be dealing with, a trained orthodontic specialist can prescribe braces for kids, so that he can enjoy a beautiful smile.

As early as 9 or 10 years old, the child can be installed with braces for kids. Depending on the case, the treatment may proceed in a single phase or it may follow a two-phase process. In a two-phase treatment, a removable appliance may be prescribed to initiate treatment; after which the braces for kids are installed, to continue treatment and stabilize results. During treatment, proper care must be observed; and as a parent, this is your responsibility:

- If your child is wearing a removable appliance, make sure that he wears it as prescribed, so that you can obtain the results you need. Infrequency of wear will lead to the failure of the treatment. When your child does not wear the appliance enough, he may have to wear it for longer.

- Make sure to provide a case or container in which to store the appliance in when it is out of the mouth. By having a case, you prevent it from getting misplaced or getting thrown into the bin, accidentally. The appliance should be worn daily and only removed to be cleaned and when you are eating; when the appliance is not in the mouth, make sure to store it properly.

- Cleaning the teeth may a little tricky with the braces for kids in the mouth of your child. Food often gets caught in the tiny slots and brushing can be quite complicated. Using the tip of the brush or using a specialized brush may be effective. It is important that you make sure to clean your child’s braces properly so that he does not develop any tooth decay.

- Removable and fixed appliances can be quite uncomfortable and can bring patients some pain. If your child complains about pain, just explain to them that all of this is temporary, and you will get used to it after some time. The pain can be resolved by analgesics. Pain killers should make things better for your child.

- Eating with the braces can also be a little difficult, especially in the first few months. It is best for your child to maintain a soft diet while he is getting used to braces for kids. Sticky, hard and tough foods may dislodge the brackets, making the treatment ineffective. Give your child a soft diet until he is fit to chew other types of food even with his braces for kids.

- If any of the components of the removable or fixed appliance is damaged or dislodged, do not attempt to make repairs on your own. Take the appliance to your dentist right away, so that necessary work can be provided. If the brackets or wires get removed, keep it because these can be replaced in the mouth.

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